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Kundalini Yogologie Workshop

The practice of kundalini yoga allows us to get in touch with our inner world and gives us a powerful tool for transformation. However, for those of us who are sensitive in the mind or have had intense experiences in life, the kundalini process has the potential to blow fuses.

So the next question must be: How do we teach or practice kundalini yoga in an informed way that allows it to be appropriate for all? The answer lies in the connection between biology, environment and mind.

Why take this workshop

Training with the Yogologist will shed light on our cellular and neuro-biology in a digestible way that invites you to connect the energetic dots and become more informed as a student or teacher.

You know how…. together we explore the why.

What we will look at

From a cellular perspective we are a unique and marvelous combination of symbiosis between species that cohabit and communicate together to create this thing that we call body. We have systems that communicate and keep us within defined parameters that we call internal stability or homeostasis. We inhabit lives that offer a continuum of experiences that range from the extremes of joy and pain, the psyche records all and our biology shifts in order to meet the changing needs of each moment.

As Kundalini teachers and students a great deal of our focus is on the energetic sometimes at the expense of the body. But what if you actually knew the process that fuses two atoms together, if you understood the interaction between cell membrane and DNA, if you could speak of how the nervous system communicates or how the connective tissue not only feeds our cells but also moves water around the matrix it creates; water that may indeed carry the energy of our experience and thus connect mind and body together in a very deep way.

What if you knew about this alchemy that makes you?

And while we are on the subject of water, before the turn of the last century Dr. Masaru Emoto discovered that speaking words to water and fast freezing it directly afterwards gave rise to water crystals that differed according to the emotion or intention behind the spoken word. Meaning that water responds to the delivery of language.

We are around 60% water; our hearts, brains, lungs, organs ands even bones contain water. If around 60% of our bodies react to the spoken word it should lead us to comprehend the importance of our word.

Learning to use invitational language and speaking from the heart chakra allows us to communicate in a gentle manner. Relating in this way allows us to deliver from a compassionate place, which holds the essence of the practice; we create safety and enhance the overall vibration of love on the planet.

Location + Dates

This workshop is held in London, UK and in Athens, Greece.

Dates TBC – please register your interest for updates.


Kundalini Yogologie in Athens, Greece: €65.00 (EUR)

Kundalini Yogologie in London, UK: £75.00 (GBP)

  • Introductions + Intentions
  • Practice
  • Mindful enquiry
  • Kundalini Nyasa (Nidra for Kundalini Yogis)
  • Lecture and Q + A

Students have the opportunity to ask hand in questions to Shaura be addressed (if possible) the following day. This is a one of a kind offering that aims to meet the needs of new teachers or those who wish for particular answers.

  • Welcome back
  • Practice
  • Q + A  presenting material that responds to the queries on day one and contextualizes the information into the kundalini tradition
  • Snacks
  • Close
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