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Adaptogenic Yoga: London Stress Response

Created specifically for city dwellers, Adaptogenic workshops offer wisdom and tools to build internal harmony amid the maelstrom of urban life. As we constantly work to meet the demands of modern day life, the brain and body rarely find time to rest – these workshops offer a vital alternative.

A collaborative project from The Yogologist and the ELJ.Co, Adaptogenic Yoga stimulates multiple aspects of the sensory system through nourishment, contemplation, movement and breath practice. These methods will teach you to protect your nervous system and offer the gift of authentic relaxation.

Why take this workshop?

In today’s plugged-in world, we constantly need to adapt to the vast amount of stimuli that floods our every waking moment. Our bodies undergo numerous processes to meet these demands, and this ultimately takes its toll on our nervous systems.

As we increase our pace we become accustomed to a life without rest. Energy drinks and supplements are offered over almost every counter leading us to believe that tiredness is normal and we just need to top up our glucose or iron in order to feel robust and full of life.

This is a falsehood; instead, we must learn to adapt.

How does it work?

When it comes to maintaining our long-term health we must think outside of the box and create strategies that allow us to check in with our body and promote adaptability. By generating a different kind of action within our restorative and digestive systems, we assist our nervous system by generating strength where it needs it most.

And guess what? By nourishing ourselves in this way we drop out of survival mode leading to a positive effect upon numerous internal processes including immunity and heart health.

The Adaptogenic workshop employs specifically focused body and breath-work to encourage relaxation in the muscle. Participants will be guided through a series of movements that support the needs of the nervous system through lifting and lowering techniques. We impart tools that re-educate the somatic processes to foster re-integration of the brain-to-body circuits.

Upcoming dates

Dates for this workshop are TBA. Please register your interest for updates.

Please note, sessions are 2.5 hours long.


The fee to attend this workshop is £35.00 per person.

Details of our booking policies can be found here.

When I sat on the mat I felt I was exactly where I wanted to be. The energy that was created was amazing.

It felt like a mystical gathering. I loved it and would definitely recommend it.


Adaptogenic Yoga student, 2016

What to expect

We provide a unique environment with care and attention lovingly spent on every detail. Food or drink offerings produce a sensory cascade of stimuli that starts on the tongue travels into the digestive system and all the way up to the brain leaving long lasting impressions of satiety.

We will engage in a combination of structural yoga, Hatha practice, Yin yoga, Kundalini meditations, Yoga Nidra and science-based breathing practices.

Every session is an individual offering to the group with the main objective being to promote internal balance and raise the parasympathetic system.

Although the workshops are not designed to be educational in nature, they do share mind and body techniques in the hope that the participants can take away adaptation tools and tips for city life.

It was a complete gift of an experience. Our group – with no shared history and very different needs – were gently, skilfully and lovingly guided through a process that provided every single person with what they needed.

I wouldn’t hesitate to repeat the process or recommend it to others.


Adaptogenic Yoga student, 2016


All Adaptogenic workshops are in London.

The specific location is secret and shared only with successful applicants.


Adaptogenic Yoga workshops have been inspired by collaborations between The Yogologist and East London Juice Company.

Two women met on Yoga Nidra teacher training and began chatting about their experiences in the world. This meeting facilitated a lasting bond and common wish to support each others journey. Time spent in London and interaction with the founders of ELJ. Co has taught The Yogologist that yoga should be specifically tailored for city dwellers.

In these workshops both parties do what they do best- creates a nourishing environment designed to stimulate multiple aspects of the sensory system, while The Yogologist connects to each member of the group; she asks for a word, image, poem or even facial expression that allows the energy of the group to direct the process.

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